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Coaches, Scouts, Personnel

Coaches, Scouts, Administration

Grow your staff and discover talent like never before. Gameday gives you the tools you need to get the job done efficiently, allowing you to combine your knowledge with an intuitive social platform. Meet the next generation of athletes and superstars on their turf with Gameday Connections.

  • Connect with coaches from all levels and sports.
  • Connect with and recruit athletes from High School to the Pros.
  • View athlete’s bio’s, film, and social media links in a central location.
  • Connect with and recruit coaches and staff for open positions on your team.
  • Post open positions on Gameday Job board.
Student Athletes

Student Athletes

Whether you want to connect with job recruiters or take your sports career to the next level, Gameday Connections provides you with everything you need to showcase your strengths to the right audience every time. When you need the day to count, make your today Gameday.

  • Connect with recruiters looking to hire recent college graduates.
  • Build professional or athletic online portfolios for recruiters or scouts to view.
  • Create and upload highlights, leadership videos and video references
  • Connect and gain exposure with coaches and scouts from various leagues.
  • Have the ability to share professional portfolios and athletic profiles online (coming soon).
Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes

You have put in the time. You put in the effort. You made it. Where do you go from here? You can never have too much exposure, so make Gameday your all-in-one resource for furthering your career, gaining endorsement deals, or making that big switch. Never stop believing, never stop negotiating, never stop the game. Today is Gameday.

  • Connect and gain exposure with coaches and scouts from various leagues.
  • Build an athletic profile complete with highlights and measurements for scouts to see (coming soon).
  • Give coaches easier access to viewing your film, athletic profile and social media links in one location.
  • Create and upload highlights, leadership videos and video references.
  • Make professional connections for your post sports career.
Retired or Former Athletes

Retired or Former Athletes

There is life after the game. With gameday, you can stay on the field in other capacities, or you can take your life down a brand new career path. We make it possible. We provide you with what you need, from resources, information, and the audience you are looking for. Life after the game is not the end. Make each day count. Get up and make today Gameday.

  • Build professional online portfolios.
  • Increase your network by connecting with former athletes in various industries.
  • Connect with employers looking to hire former athletes.
  • Create and upload leadership videos and video references.
  • Connect with former teammates and alumni.
Employers and Recruiters

Recruiters and Employers

Finding talent, whether it’s for the field or the office, has never been easier, more productive, or more efficient. Get more done with your day. With Gameday, you can essentially automate some of the most difficult processes of recruiting. Don’t let another prospect slip through the cracks. When success is what you’re after, Gameday Connections will get you across the finish line.

  • Build a business profile to connect with athletes and coaches.
  • Recruit both student and former athletes for open positions.
  • Have the ability to view candidate’s professional portfolio including videos.
  • Post all available job openings.
  • Post company videos to gain exposure among coaches and athletes.
Agents, Advisors and Consultants

Agents, Advisors and Consultants

As a sports agent, adviser, or a consultant, your job is hectic to say the least. Finding talent to represent is the name of the game and here at Gameday – we have the rising stars you are looking for. Automate processes and gain direct access to coaches and athletes. Have instant access to bios, highlight reels, and so much more today on Gameday.

  • Recruit athletes and coaches as potential clients.
  • Advertise your services on Gameday.
  • Recruit and hire former athletes and coaches.
  • Help athletes and coaches reach their short and long term goals.
  • Lend professional and expert advice.

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