About Us

At Gameday Connections we are committed to working with coaches, athletes and recruiters to build a quality platform that promotes interaction and growth of coaches and athletes on and off the field through education, career development, networking and recruiting.



Coaches Networking

Coaches and staff can connect with the right people and gain the right exposure for assistance in moving from one level to the next.

Athletes Networking

Athletes will learn how to build professional connections with other athletes, coaches and recruiters.

Recruiter Networking

Recruiters and hiring managers can connect with athletes, coaches, and staff who are looking to apply their unique skills learned through sports to the world of business.



Staff Recruiting

Staff recruiting gives coaches and staff the ability to find and possibly hire other coaches and staff.

Athlete Recruiting

Athlete recruiting provides a central location for coaches and athletes to interact, share and connect during the recruiting process.

Business Recruiting

Business recruiting allows university and job recruiters to post new employment opportunities for student athletes and former athletes, who are looking to make the transition from the field to the office.

Career Development

Career Development

Coaches & Staff

Coaches can enhance their careers by sharing and gaining knowledge of schemes, concepts and new employment opportunities.

Current Athletes

Current athletes can share and gain new knowledge consisting of the latest techniques and methods to enhance your game or brand.

Former Athletes

Former athletes are able to share their knowledge and learn about new opportunities on and off the field.



Transitional Education

Educational tools and tips to help you successfully transition through the many different phases of the game before, during and after your career.

Financial Education

Education to help you gain a more in-depth understanding of finances before, during and after your sports career.

Health Education

Education granting you a deeper awareness of your personal health before, during and after your sports career.