Understanding What is Required to Find That Dream Job

Once you have chosen the area of work that you would like to pursue, it is now time to knuckle down and do some serious research and work to allow you to find and win that dream role. As an athlete or a coach, you may never have had to attend an interview or complete a resume - Fear not as the process is straightforward and there are countless guides and aids to help you. Finding the right job, and being successful in your application takes dedication and commitment.

  • These are talents you should have ample amounts of from your sporting days.

To be successful there are many steps you must take and you must also understand what is required of you from the intended career path you have chosen. Be confident, be resourceful, never be afraid to ask for help, and play to your strengths. Listed below are 5 key areas of advice when looking for your new role outside the world of sport.

Understand Your Skill Set and Personality

One of the worst mistakes people can make is to simply dive into a job without understanding what they want from a career or what skills they possess that would be suited for a role. Take time to learn about yourself - What are you particularly good at? What kind of mind do you possess? What do you want to achieve from a career? What working environment are you better suited to? These questions are important and will help you choose a career that fits your personality.

Use Multiple Outlets to Find and Apply for Jobs

Using different methods to find and apply for jobs will increase your chance of success and provide you with a lot of opportunities. It is important to remember that not every business will advertise their job on every outlet. Some may only advertise through agencies; others may only advertise on their own company website. Use these different methods to broaden your job searches; make use of job agencies, newspapers, radio, and TV, or use word of mouth and friends and family.

Make Your Resume Shine

In most instances, a resume is the first impression a potential employer will have of you. This is the document that will outline to them what kind of person you are, what experience you have, and what skills you possess that are relevant to the role. Do not be afraid to make mention your skills as an athlete or a coach - Everything has its relevance. Ensure that your resume stands out and promotes you in a positive and professional manner. Play to your strengths, include anything that you feel is relevant to the role and ensure your resume is correctly formatted and has been proof-read for errors.


Once your resume has been submitted, if the employer likes what they see, they will then offer you an interview. For many, an interview can be an extremely daunting process, but it doesn't have to be. Preparation is the key - Ensure you have researched the business beforehand, know your resume inside out so you can easily answer any questions relating to it, and try to consider some answers to potential common questions that interviewers like to ask. An interview is the make or break situation and you must try and sell yourself while maintaining a professional and confident demeanor.

maintain a positive mindset

Unless you have the most engaging resume in the world and have a flawless interview, you may not always be offered the first job you apply for. Do not get disheartened! Simply learn from the process, review the interview and consider how to improve for the next one. Most importantly keep trying! You may have to go through the interview process 10 times before you are successful. Your years as a professional athlete or coach, however, will have given you a hard skin and you should be used to overcoming adversity and persevering. This may seem like a daunting list of considerations, but once you get into the specific mindset that is required for job hunting, this advice will become a second nature to you and you will be able to implement it without hesitation.