What High-Powered Professional Roles are Perfect for the Pro Athlete or Ex-Coach?

So maybe you've experienced a high level of individual success as a pro athlete, or taken your beloved team to a championship as a coach? You have truly excelled in the sporting world and proven yourself as a true competitor and inspiration to others. The time has come now in your life to choose a different path and use your exceptional talents to peruse a career away from the field and locker-room - What will you do? What area of business will you consider? The options are endless, and there are many jobs for athletes after college, and jobs for coaches when their team has moved on.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is someone who helps individuals recover from injuries. They provide rehabilitation and support to those who have suffered some form of physical trauma. An athlete or coach will already have a deep understand of the human physiology and indeed may already have some training in physical therapy - their years of interaction with the human body and its mechanisms will be extremely beneficial.

  • Potential to specialize in sports therapy and rehab.
  • Can work in private clinics or part of a doctor's office.


Teachers are the cornerstone of our education system and help children of all ages to realize their potential and develop into well-rounded citizens. As a teacher, you will be responsible for a class of children and help them to learn about the world and mature. Teaching requires a commanding presence and a highly trained and disciplined mind - Coaches have this mindset and can use their organizational skills in the classroom.

  • Primary school teaching is more varied.
  • High school teaching can offer specialization like a PE teacher.


A franchise is a business that sublets its name, products and company scheme out to a chain of stores. Franchisees will be individual businesses located nationwide that use the parent franchise's brand and operate per their rules and regulations. Former athletes will be highly disciplined and be used to following a coach’s orders - this kind of mindset is perfect when running a franchise and an athlete will also have the drive and determination to make the business successful.

  • Fast-food options like Subway, Denny's and Dunkin Donuts.
  • Health-related options like Anytime Fitness and Massage Envy.


A recruitment office is tasked with finding suitable work for others and giving them sound careers advice that will help them find the perfect role. As a recruitment officer, you will be responsible for forging connections between clients and employees, helping individuals create their CV's and helping to fill vacant positions within a business. This is one of the perfect jobs for coaches as they will have spent years scouting new players and finding raw talent to fit into their squads.

  • Work in the recruitment department of a specific business.
  • Alternatively, work as part of a recruitment agency.


A project manager is someone who oversees a certain process or operation within a business and ensures that every aspect of that process runs smoothly and meets the initial criteria set. A typical example of a project manager could be within a construction company - This individual will ensure that every aspect of a building's creation is catered for, from sourcing the raw materials, through to fitting out the completed frame. Coaches naturally perform project management in their daily work - Organizing training, press conferences, recruitment, and of course creating plays and team sheets.

  • Construction project management is an interesting option.
  • May need to learn additional industry specific skills.

This time in an athlete or coaches life can be testing, and can be a time of great uncertainty - You may be thinking, how can I progress now that my sporting career has finished? What opportunities are there for me aside from the sporting world? As you can see, there are many avenues of business and work to explore; the talents that you have worked so hard to develop and mold during your years as a professional athlete or coach will be transferable to many different careers.